Kenyans in the Diaspora / Expatriates Working in Kenya

TaxInABox is a bespoke ushuru.co.ke service tailored around the unique queries that expatriates and Kenyans in the diaspora have regarding their tax position. This is because becoming an expatriate or a Kenyan living in the diaspora means that one has to determine the following questions:

a) Determining tax residence based on number of days spent in the foreign country;
b) Tax status of employment, consultancy and business income;
c) The availability of foreign tax credits to Kenyan citizens;
d) Impact of double tax agreements between Kenya and foreign countries;
e) Tax registration, tax calculation and tax filing obligations.

TaxInABox is a $45 service, for a 30 – 45 minute call to discuss the issues above, via telephone or Skype.

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