Our Guarantee

Become Tax Compliant with Ushuru

ushuru.co.ke now comes with a surprisingly useful standard feature, absolute peace of mind.

Fair Pricing

We are considerate. Tax in general is broad, as you browse through the portfolio of services we offer, you will pleasantly realise just how fair our pricing is. We promise we’re not asking for the moon, but you’ll be more glad to know that for many of our services, we’re quite open to negotiate.

Turnaround Time

We are dependable. Our team of highly qualified and experienced consultants ensure that your task is completed in good time while giving you updates along the way, for the peace of mind you deserve. We strive to meet the following goals: a) email responses in 24 hours; b) tax filing in 3 days c) iTax tasks in 2 days.

Secure Online Payments

We are convenient. We use M-pesa’s push toolkit, where you only need to key in your password and the transaction is completed. This is both secure and convenient and this means you don’t need to key in the M-Pesa code.


We are secure. Needless to say, the nature of the information you give us is sensitive. We have systems in place to ensure that any information you give us is secure and remains confidential. We value your privacy just as much as you do.


We are accessible. In this digital age, best believe we’re always available to answer all your inquires. Think of us like your 24 hour fast food restaurant, but for tax. Find us on social media platforms, e-mail or simply give us a call.