How do I optimise my tax position within the law?

  Receive income from countries that have a double tax agreement with Kenya: Kenya has double tax agreements with the following countries: Canada, India, Denmark, Iran, France, Germany, South Korea, Norway, Qatar, South Africa, Sweden, UAE, UK, Zambia and Singapore. Where a Kenyan tax resident earns any employment or business income from these countries and […]

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  Business name or company When you first start a company or a business name, you probably need to know the different tax implications of these two business models. A company is seen as a separate and distinct legal person from its founders and is issued with a separate PIN from its shareholders and directors. […]

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Tax Amnesty on Foreign Income and Assets

Applies to Kenyans in the diaspora and Kenyans living in Kenya who have property and income outside Kenya. If you are Kenyan tax resident and have assets and income earned outside Kenya, there is currently a tax amnesty for any taxes potentially in arrears before 31 December 2016. The law requires you to declare all […]

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Taxes in Kenya for SMEs

Starting out is never easy – particularly fund raising, assuming you have the business idea figured out. So when many business people hear about taxes, they run to the hills – understandably. So here’s a synopsis of what you need to know: Company or Business Name We advise that you go with a business name […]

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What is

The website is Kenya’s premier online tax return filing site, allowing taxpayers interact with the KRA’s online iTax platform with ease. The site is run and managed by a small team of well experienced accountants and lawyers with deep tax experience in Kenya and the region, with a desire to cut through the often-times noise […]

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Tax on rental income

If you are a landlord, your income could fall into two categories – residential or commercial rental income. The tax treatment of these two income streams is different and therefore leads to different tax obligations on the landlord.

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Filing Taxes in Kenya – Applicable Penalties

  One question we get here at is what penalties apply to taxpayers in Kenya, whenever there is a failure to pay tax or file a tax return. The most common penalty is a single penalty of KES 20,000 per year for failure to file an individual tax return. Every individual is required to […]

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